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DevOps was referred to as’ Agile’ or’ Agile System Administration.’ DevOps is a set of practices that automates better creation and functions of communication between software development and IT teams. DevOps will help in building, testing, and faster delivery of the software. DevOps create a fundamental culture that establishes the partnership and integration of software developers and IT professionals, to process and the infrastructure and technology faster. It focuses on creating an environment a developer can build and test more frequently, quickly and reliably. DevOps also helps in managing unplanned work in a better way. 

  • DevOps have the potential to compete with the industrial goals that interfere with development teams and administrative teams.
  • Aims in maximum efficiency and better performance.
  • DevOps reduces the periods, deployment rollbacks, development cycle.
  • It improves better defect detection.
  • Deploys the technical difficulties and increase the merging capacities of the environments.
  • Automates non-functional testing and shortens the development iterations.
  • Automates the benefits of DevOps service and resolve production problems by improving better environments.
  • Decreases production costs and operation costs.

At KMR Software Services training Institute you will be learning the entire DevOps course at a reasonable price. You will be able to become an Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Docker Administration, and Operations, Advance Docker administration by learning advance topics of DevOps from KMR. DevOps training at KMR is 100% user-friendly and it is designed according to the requirement of the industry. A certification course in DevOps from KMR will be 100% beneficial we provide Weekend or Weekdays classes, different time slots, Real-time training, 24/7 live support, Placement Oriented Training, Placement assistance, Live Constructor, Job Oriented training.  

KMR Software Services is a registered software training company in Hyderabad. It is a major training institute which is connected to all top MNCs in Hyderabad. The certification course from KMR Software services will help you to stay out of the crowd as KMR Software services are recognized by many companies. A complete session will be provided to clear the official Devops certification which also includes the discussion of the interview questions.
Pre-requisites of DevOps Training:
  • There is no compulsory requirement for this DevOps training.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux or scripting is advisable. However KMR Software Services will also teach you from Linux, it will be an advance repetition class
  • Freshers 
  • Graduates
  • Windows administrators
  • Unix system administrators
  • Software developers
  • Database administrators
  • Solutions architects
  • Technical support executives 
  • IT Developers
  • IT Operations Personnel
  • senior professionals
  • Software Automation
  • Testing engineers
  • Security Professionals
  • Consultants. 
  • And anyone interested in DevOps

DevOps is not just a course; it is a process which makes the workflow better and more reliable. DevOps engineers are required in the industry to compliment every software process for faster results, better environment, and quick functionality.  The usage of the DevOps will clearly show that it will complement every process, hence every industry requires a DevOps engineer for the better process. Every industry will look forward to developing a DevOps team as the demand for DevOps engineers is quite high. The average salary for a DevOps engineer is $100K

  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Consultant
  • DevOps Architect

KMR Software services have been in the market of training for more than 7 years. KMR Software services have a lot of experience and knowledge of this industry. We have trained thousands of students and have assisted all of them in their careers. we follow a structured and developed training modules approach in implementing and managing DevOps Training in Hyderabad.    DevOps software is taught in a detailed program with like theory classes, hands-on practice, sessions for clearing suspicions, test series, etc.  A team of experienced DevOps trainers and experts will assist the students and provide entire assistance to the subject related problems. All the modules are Specially designed and configured that satisfies the demands of the industry.    The unique study-material is provided exclusively by the qualified trainer. We have 2 branches in Hyderabad and both of the training centers have a remarkable environment and culture that allows for learning, making it at the same time professional and interesting. KMR Software Services provides our extremely professional accredited trainers best for both the classroom and online testing classes. It is one of the best Software training (IT) training institute in Hyderabad, offers super specialized services in DevOps training certification. DevOps training at KMR software Services in Hyderabad helps students acquire detailed and realistic knowledge about various DevOps applications and services, making them a DevOps partner or DevOps professional. Here at KMR Software Services training, you can learn more about the methodologies for evaluation, testing grades, test forms and much more. KMR Software Services training institute in Hyderabad. We have completed over 3000 Training classes and provided 100% placement assistance to all our students. Over the past 5 years, KMR Software Services dedicatedly served to provide High-Quality Training in DevOps. Our KMR Software Services training center in Hyderabad is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you with real-time training experience. We also provide certification training for other software programs. We have successfully trained and provided placement for all our students in MNC’s after the successful completion of the DevOps Certification course.    

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Waterfall Model to Agile Model
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Tools and techniques to be adopted
  • CONTAINERS – Docker
  • Continuous Monitoring: Nagios


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