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Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies is a vast area which is specialised at High Secure applications with high-returns to the clients. Microsoft technologies are complete uses Artificial intelligence to run the business. Microsoft technologies are specialised in CRM development, enterprise data management, infrastructure optimization, portals and collaboration, business process automation and improvement, custom application development and systems integration Microsoft technologies help in delivering the Quality and time-driven projects which are more userfriendly in nature
  1. Able to get integrated with the existing business process.
  2. Manages the outsourcing liaisons
  3. Delivers maximum productivity
  4. Integrate the automation with the business.
  5. Web-based business applications
  6. Intensified User-friendly programs development.
  7. Customised Processes according to the plan.
Microsoft technologies will deliver a superior platform which maximizes the affordability and flexibility. They develop scalable, durable cloud storage, backup and recovery solutions for all types of enterprises
  • Cloud Strategy and Planning Services for Public, Private,  and  Hybrid business environment
  • Cloud Migration Services, completely a cloud-based platform

KMR Software services have been in the market of training for more than 7 years. KMR Software services have a lot of experience and knowledge of this industry. We have trained thousands of students and have assisted all of them in their careers. we follow a structured and developed training modules approach in implementing and managing Cloud Computing Training in Hyderabad.

Cloud Computing software is taught in a detailed program with like theory classes, hands-on practice, sessions for clearing suspicions, test series, etc.

A team of experienced Cloud Computing trainers and experts will assist the students and provide entire assistance to the subject related problems. All the modules are Specially designed and configured that satisfies the demands of the industry.

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