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MS AX Technical

MS AX Technical

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical is a business management software solution that is designed to facilitate the company which holds extensive functionalities. It is a Software that includes various processes like manufacturing, planning, supply chain, sales, financials, logistics and many more. Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical is one of the fastest and easiest ways to manage business operations. It is the best software for the multi-site business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical is developed by Microsoft technologies which help in investing the enterprise resource planning system which helps in defining the goals of the company. Microsoft Dynamics AX  is an intelligent software that will help in better deployment of the business activities. It can localize the business activities and can integrate the reports for analysis. It is one of the fastest-growing applications across the world which required  Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical experts to work on real-time projects. A course in Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical will provide in-depth knowledge on concepts of MORPHX, Application Integration Framework, Application deployment, reporting, etc. and also an opportunity to get the guidance of the certified trainers.

  • Understanding the work Flow Management
  • Managing the SSRS Reports
  • Implementing the work on Microsoft Dynamics
  • Using The Run Base FrameWork for producing the output. 
  • Creating  queries related to the X++ languages
  • Implementing OOPS in AX.
  • Creating dashboards and tables using MS Dynamics AX software.
  • Integrating  MS Dynamics AX Technical with other programs.
  • To Understand the  Workflow management with Microsoft Dynamics
  • To Understand the Architecture of MS Dynamics AX
  • Will be able to Develop the Environment and its Tools on MS Dynamics AX
  • Can create tables using MS AX Dynamics Software
  • Designing the Work Flow  Report.

In the world market, there is a high demand for Microsoft Dynamics AX developers. There are numerous job opportunities where Microsoft Dynamics AX professionals can earn the highest gross of salaries than compared to other professionals working on similar technologies. On Average a can earn Microsoft Dynamics AX developer is $128,738 per year

There are no specific prerequisites for joining the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical course. Anyone interested can learn the course.

  • Business Professionals
  • Business Managers and entrepreneurs
  • Aspirants aiming for a career in this field.
  • System administrators
  • Management executives
  • Technical consultant
  • Solutions architect

KMR Software Solutions a training institute in Hyderabad offers MS Dynamics AX Training both classroom and Online classes. KMR Software Solutions is a training institute in Hyderabad which provides extensive training to the students from the beginning of the course to the advanced levels. We have experienced trainers are specialized in this particular module. We offer a simple and understandable study material which not only helps the students for reference but also help the students to work out with various problems. KMR Software Solutions has 2 branches i.e in Kukatpally and S.R Nagar that provide both online and Offline Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional coaching by the requirement of the industry. We have a separate team of lecturers, practical trainers, and teaching management trainers who will guide you at every step and provide you 24/7 online support whenever it is required.KMR Software Solution’s main goal is to prove your self is proficiency to master AX tools with systemized data management relevant to Financials, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Production, and Manufacturing. Visualpath is one of the best training institutes to provide ERP and CRM software applications Courses and we provide Microsoft Dynamics AX Certification Guidance also.

  • Module 1: Architecture
  • Module 2: Data Dictionary
  • Module 3: User Interfaces
  • Module 4: Introduction to X++
  • Module 5: X++ Control Statements
  • Module 6: Accessing the Database
  • Module 7: Exception Handling
  • Module 8: Number Sequences
  • Module 9: Fact boxes/Infoparts
  • Module 10: Dialogs, Text Files and CSV files
  • Module 11: Application Deployment
  • Module 12: Reporting

Types of Reports

  • Standard Dynamics AX Reports
  • SSRS Reports
  • Query Based Reports and RDP Reports

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