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Microsoft Business Intelligence is a complete suite of SQL Server integration, evaluation and reporting gear, Data Integration, Data Reporting, Information Analysis and Mining components improved with technology, advanced UI and uncomplicated eye-catchy method for data mining. SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS are used in MSBI. As an advanced feature, MSBI came out with ETL solutions, OLAP databases and work with various factual assets, cubes, records modelling, etc. It is one of the rising efficient commercial enterprise intelligence tools that can integrate and project the Data transformation, records & get entry of the  information, file modernizing and interactive document generation are few critical capabilities of MSBI which provides deeper insights to the facts.

MSBI is a very powerful Business Intelligence tool that is being deployed by many top companies around the world.

 MSBI is one of the most emerging tools in recent times. Many of the organizations are looking for the most integrated tool which can give the best results and standardized the organization’s process. At Kmr Software training institute, we will be able to the expertise you with the entire suite. 
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence structure
  • Working with facts transformation, modeling, and illustration
  • The architecture of SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS
  • Data governance, security and getting faster facts insights
  • Installation and configuration of stop-to-give up MSBI machine
  • Integration of diverse BI suites to get a complete BI answer
  • Deploying charts, reports, and dashboards
  • MSBI can easily integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio to access all the information of the warehousing.
  • Integration with SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is easier on MSBI.
  • By applying OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and OLTP (Online transaction processing device) analysis to the saved effectively and analyzed well for better reporting. 
  • MSBI is the most influential Reporting tools in the market. It is expected to grow exceptionally in the coming days because of its usability. It is a powerful device that extracts price and gathers business insight which is a beneficial factor for the organization. Holding the skills of MSBI will fetch you in a better position in top MNC’s across the world. According to Indeed, on an average US Salary for a Microsoft BI Professional will get $107,000.

    Some of the businesses that use MSBI software are Deloitte, JP Morgan, Accenture, IRIS, Capgemini, Frontline, IBM, Altisource.

 Basic knowledge of reporting tools and is used is enough, nevertheless, knowledge of SQL is considered to be a beneficial factor.

  • Software Architects
  • ETL Developers and Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals and
  •  Professionals looking to upskill themselves in MSBI
  • Fresher

KMR in Hyderabad is a satisfactory MSBI Training institute that will include the entire syllabus in an organized format to the students. From the basic principles to advanced topics like Business Intelligence techniques, statistics warehousing, facts mining, data reporting/visualization and a lot greater. We generally cowl SSIS, SSRS, and fundamentals of SSAS everything related to MSBI is taught well under the guidance of the professional trainers. In-depth knowledge of the course is given clearly. We offer a simple and understandable study material which not only helps the students for reference but also help the students to work out with various problems. KMR Software Solutions has 2 branches i.e in Kukatpally and S.R Nagar that provide both online and Offline MSBI coaching by the requirement of the industry. We have a separate team of lecturers, practical trainers, and teaching management trainers who will guide you at every step and provide you 24/7 online support whenever it is required. We also provide you with ample information that is essential to get maximum productivity along with the knowledge on how to clear the Reporting tools certificate and working on Live Projects.

  • Dimensions and Measure Groups
  • Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema
  • DW Concepts
  • Data Source
  • Data Source View(Logical View)
  • Dimensions
  • Cube
  • Data Source View:
  • Dimensions
  • Measure Groups(Fact Tables)
  • CUBE
  • Dimension Usage
  • Partitions
  • Aggregations
  • Calculations
  • Actions
  • MDX
  • SQL Services Integration Services
  • Control flow
  •  Data Flow
  • Transformations
  • SQL Server Reporting services
  • T-SQL Server

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