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Microsoft Dynamics AX finance is a financial tool that is to manage all the finances of the company. It is a tool that understands and implements financial management to configure and credits and debits and maintain the cash flow effectively. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance is a market-leading ERP tool system that provided unveiled benefits by setting the standards in cash flow management. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an intelligent database which will perform the essential tasks like reporting and forecasting. You will be able to analyze the liquidity and will optimize in reconciling the accounts.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Finance is a software developed by Microsoft that gives a deeper insight into the financial status and cash flow of the company. Microsoft Dynamics AX Finance will reconcile your accounts, custom format paper checks and generate the reports. Training in Microsoft Dynamics AX Finance provides complete knowledge in Accounting and how finances can be implemented on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. It is an Accounting ERP tool that equivalents the money and will be a beneficial product for the company. It is recommended to learn an integrated course that will teach you how to manage the finances and monitor the flow of cash management through the Microsoft Dynamics AX finance training course.

Microsoft Dynamics AX finance is an ERP module that will integrate the cash inflows and outflows that can create monthly journals and ledgers. It will analyze the real-time business operations and will maintain the cashflow during analysis, design, deployment, and operation phases in a project lifecycle. You will be able to cover the topics of Microsoft Dynamics AX finance Basic concepts in Microsoft Dynamics AX finance, Purchase order, General journal, Invoice journal, Paying a Vendor

Sales, tax, payments, Bank Reconciliation, Collection Letter, Interest Notes and many more. The main aim of the[ Microsoft Dynamics AX finance is to set up and configure an ERP software that will automatically update the payment journals, vendor payments and shows a clear picture on all the accounts that will manage the cash flow effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics AX finance will help you to perform all the tasks related to cash management. By the end of this course at KMR Software training, you will be able to learn


  • Defining cash management.
  • Performing all the procedures of the bank.
  • Setting up the account of Amount Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Dealing with the taxes of the business.
  • Managing the daily payable and receivable cash.
  • Setting up a standard policy of cash management.
  • Updating the Depreciation and conversion or a depreciation book
  • Planning for budget controls
  • Identifying the budget control components
  • Managing the Fixed Asset transaction

Microsoft Dynamics AX finance is a course that can be learned by anyone nevertheless, basic knowledge in accounts will be a very beneficial factor while dealing with realtime projects.

After completing the Microsoft Dynamics AX finance course at KMR Software you will receive a certificate for completing the course and you will be eligible to attempt the course certification exam conducted by Microsoft.

  • Business Professionals
  • Accounting Professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Management executives
  • Managers
  • Financial Executives
  • Freshers Experienced

KMR Software Solutions a training institute in Hyderabad offers MS Dynamics AX Training both classroom and Online classes. KMR Software Solutions is a training institute in Hyderabad which provides extensive training to the students from the beginning of the course to the advanced levels. We have experienced trainers are specialized in this particular module. We offer a simple and understandable study material which not only helps the students for reference but also help the students to work out with various problems. KMR Software Solutions has 2 branches i.e in Kukatpally and S.R Nagar that provide both online and Offline Microsoft Dynamics AX finance coaching by the requirement of the industry. We have a separate team of lecturers, practical trainers, and teaching management trainers who will guide you at every step and provide you 24/7 online support whenever it is required.KMR Software Solution’s main goal is to prove your self is proficient to master AX tools with systemized data management relevant to Financials, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Production, and Manufacturing. Visualpath is one of the best training institutes to provide ERP and CRM software applications Courses and we provide Microsoft Dynamics AX Certification Guidance also.

  • Financials I
  • Financials II
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase order
  • Item Master
  • Inventory Closing

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