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Power Bi

Power Bi

Introduction to Power BI
  • Monthly updates of Power BI
  • Need of Power BI
  • Latest new features in PBI
  • Working with Power BI Desktop
  • Working with Power BI Services
  • Power BI availability for
  • Building blocks of PBI
  • Differences between Power BI & SSRS(MSBI)
  • Connecting to Database
  • Fetching data from different files
  • Working with different visualizations
  • Importing custom visualizations
  • Working with import and direct query options
  • Getting data from different external data source
  • Working with Query Editor
  • Creating custom tables in the Power BI
  • Merge Queries and Append Queries
  • Remove columns and split columns
  • Choosing required columns in the data
  • Working with different transformations
  • Working with Applied steps in query editor
  • Working with Power BI Views
  • Report View
  • Data View
  • Relationship View
  • Working with hierarchies and measures
  • Working with table and matrix visuals
  • Working with different level of filters
  • Visualization level
  • Page level
  • Report level
  • Visualizations:
    • Column charts and bar charts
    • Line charts and area charts
    • Waterfall charts and tunnel charts
    • Pie charts and tree map charts
    • And remaining all visualizations
    • Working with single row cards and multi row cards and multi row cards
    • Working with slicers
    • Publishing a report to Power BI Services
    • Managing report in Power BI services
    Creating groups in Power BI Services
    • Different ways to share dashboards to Client and colleagues
    • Working with multiple pages
    • Creating Power BI dashboards
    • Using social websites to create Dashboards
    • Differences between old Power BI and new Power BI
    • Working with Pivot and Unpivot columns
    • Adding index column and custom column
    • Merging and appending queries
    • Working with Group By in Query Editor
    • Working with Replace Values and Replace Nulls
    • Managing data types in Query editor
    • Managing Relationships in Power BI Desktop
    • Adding image, text box and different shapes to reports in Desktop
    • Working with all query properties
    • Working with interactive drill downs in the report visualizations
    • Working with Excel BI add Ins
    • Power view
    • Power query
    • Power map
    • Power pivot
    Creating calculated columns/fields and usage
    • Working with Power pivot data model
    • Working with data modelling
    • Developing KPIs and measures
    • Defining relationships between tables
    • Power BI gateway and types
    • Working with DAX functions
    • Text functions
    • Filter functions
    • Date functions
    • Logical functions
    • Information functions
    • Other functions
    Creating and working with calculated measures by using DAX
    • Creating and working with calculated columns by using DAX
    • Implementing dynamics titles in the report
    • Creating a custom table with range of dates
    • Working with dynamic parameters
    • Using dynamic parameters to filter the entire report
    • Creating and publishing with Content packs
    • Scheduling the Dashboards
    • Different ways to share dashboards
    • Creating groups and managing groups
    • Adding videos and pictures in the dashboards

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