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Are you a Marketing person? Want to grow more in your career? Looking for appraisals?Grow in your career about adding extra skills to your profile. If you are a marketing person then you have to learn Salesforce to build your career line. Do you want to restart your career or want to start something fresh again? Looking for a trending course in the industry? 

Sales force is a customer relationship management database which is popularly known as Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CRM helps the large scale and small scale companies to operate and manage the sales and logistics easily. Salesforce CRM’s major performance role is storing the sales information in cloud i.e Cloud Storage which will help the management to maintain  and manage all the setup costs. Salesforce also help in customer retention by enabling and managing all the interactions with the customers. 

  • To understand Salesforce CRM software and its features.

    • Implementing the automations
    • Creating and organizing the sales  workflow automation
    • Generating Customized reports using the Salesforce 
    • Mastering the  UI and navigations in the   software
    • Understanding the  concepts of Visual force programming
    • Understanding the benefits of CRM
    • Checking the security and debugging data.
    • To learn Standard List Controller and Configure the user interface
    •  Introduction with IAAS,PAAS,SAAS

Salesforce CRM is a software which fulfills the needs and demands of the sales and helps in fulfilling the business needs, maintain, and manage effective customer relations and customer retention. SalesForce will help in organizing automatically and improves the effectiveness of the sales. Since the software is meeting the demands of the Global world, it has a world of opportunities and career options. According to Gartner, The market share of salesforce is about 19.7%. As the business growth is increasing day by day, The world is looking for professionals who can deal with SalesForce Software. On an average every FMCG company across the world has a shortage of Sales Force Developers.  According to, On an average a Sales Force Developer can earn about $100000 per annum

  • Any one can take up this course like 

    • IT Professionals
    • Administrators
    • Developers
    • Implementers
    • Project managers
    • Graduates
    • Job Seekers
    • End users
  • Salesforce Professional
  • Software Administrators, Developers
  •  Analysts
  • Sales Managers and Executives 

There is no no specific prerequisites for SalesForce Training. Anyone can join if you have an interest in Sales and Marketing

KMR Software services have been in the market of training for more than 7 years. KMR Software services have a lot of experience and knowledge of this industry. We have trained thousands of students and have assisted all of them in their careers. we follow a structured and developed training modules approach in implementing and managing SalesForceTraining in Hyderabad. 

SalesForce software is taught in a detailed program with like theory classes, hands-on practice sessions for clearing suspicions, test series, etc. 

A team of experienced SalesForce trainers and experts will assist the students and provide entire assistance to the subject related problems. All the modules are Specially designed and configured that satisfies the demands of the industry.

  • CRM Introduction
  • Introduction to cloud computing and Types of clouds
  • Salesforce product.
  • CRM Functionality in Salesforce
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Standard Objects
  • Administration-Configuration
  • Custom App development
  • Relationships
  • Customized Fields
  • Validation Rules
  • Workflow Rules
  • Email templates
  • Approval Process
  • Page layouts and Record types
  • Security part
  • Securing and Sharing Data
  • Going Global
  • Analytics
  • Salesforce Development
  • Enable Developing mode
  • over View about Developer Console
  • OOPS (Object-oriented programming)
  • Apex
  • Schedule Apex
  • Triggers
  • Visual force
  • Introduction to visual force
  • Input Components
  • Output Components
  • Working with components
  • Controllers and types of controllers
  • Working with below components
  • Basics about Integration & Lightning

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