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Plant Maintenance is a functional SAP Module that handles the maintenance of the equipment and production. It is a very transparent module in SAP which helps the user to maintain the equipment and enable the efficient planning of production schedules. It provides the organization with a very comprehensive model of production planning and scheduling the processes. SAP PM includes activities like Inspection, Preventive maintenance, Breakdown maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance. It is a software solution that will help in maintenance, planning of the production plant

SAP PM is a course which completely deals with the Plant management. By learning SAP PM, you will be able to learn Plant Maintenance, Plant Maintenance methodology, fashionable Plant Maintenance management, practical Locations and instrumentation, Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, SAP PM Integration with Production coming up with and Quality Management, Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems. These perspectives are high-level maintenance programs that will help you to get into an MNC
  • You will Understand the Business from the procurement and Plant maintenance department.
  • You can Map the customer in the business processes.
  • Design and enhance the operational and analytical reports for the customer.
  • Integrate the modules of Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution.
  • Will be able to record the plant-related issues directly in the SAP system like material activities and plan labor, and to record and settle the cost. 
  • Can perform automatic repairs and facilitate maintenance 
  • Organize the documents and manage the problems of the enterprise asset
  • Can inspect the technical system.
  • Plan and Schedule the activities.
  • Can have a glance on the costs and reduce the downtime for better work prospect.
Basic understanding of other SAP modules and knowledge about planning, materials will be fine. 
The average salary for SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) skills is Rs 750,000 per year. The position hike for Plant maintenance is considered to be high. 
  • SAP Project Team
  • End Users
  • Plant Maintenance Executives
  • Job seekers 
  • Who are interested in learning SAP PM 
  • End-users of SAP MM & PM modules
  • Inventory and warehouse managers.
KMR Software Solutions is exclusively into SAP Module training. We offer extensive training to the students from the beginning of the course to the advanced levels. We have the experienced trainers are specialized in this particular module. We offer a simple and understandable study material which not only helps the students for reference but also help the students to work out with various problems. KMR Software Solutions has 2 branches i.e. in Kukatpally and S.R Nagar that provides both online and Offline SAP coaching by the requirement of the industry. We have a separate team of lecturers, practical trainers, and teaching management trainers who will guide you at every step and provide you 24/7 online support whenever it is required. We also provide you with ample information that is essential to get maximum productivity along with the knowledge on how to clear the SAP PM certificate and working on Live Projects.
    • General discussion about SAP and its importance
    • Organization structure
    • SAP landscape
    • SAP Architecture
  • Overview of PM
  • Creation of General notification
  • Creation of Break down Notification
  • Creation of maintenance order Integration with MM &FICO
  • Planning Scenarios
  • Maintenance Processing Execution of all the above individual plans
  • Order creation from Notification
  • Issue of Non stock material to the maintenance order.
  • Issue of stock material to the maintenance order with or without serial number.
  • External operation OR service delivery in the maintenance order.
  • Refurbishment of Maintenance order
  • Calibration order and PM integration with Quality management
  • Process of assigning activities to the Object parts in Main equipment notification
  • Factory calendar creation
  • Information system
  • Configuration
  • SAP Project Implementation
  • Support process for SAP in Real time

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