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Have you ever figured how many times a software will be evaluated for automation before everything approaches the end-user? For any project, different stages such as unit-level testing, module-level testing, integration level testing, UAT (User Acceptance testing) and system testing is must be approved before live on. What’s the testing? Software testing is a mechanism of determining whether the software is capable of producing the results as expected. Testing software helps us to identify the software’s bugs, weaknesses and missing specifications.  A test engineer will cross-check and validate the software developed as per customer requirements and provide the end customer with a quality output There are two types of software testing, manual testing and automated testing. Error identification and verification of the security and user-friendly nature of the code are the two main roles a test engineer performs. Since software bugs are devastating and can result in a massive loss, software testing is the key process that is essential for the life cycle of technology. Process of Testing Tools :

According to “indeed.com” software testing to be $34 trillion industry in the next decade and there is a huge demand for software tester which can ear $76,000 pm. The average salary for SELENIUM professional is about $ 95,300 PA. Since there is a boom in the industry, the market for software testing for the usability would increase twice if the companies

  • Carry out different types of testing for applications like regression testing, white and black box testing. 
  • Ensures quality
  • Focuses on the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). 
  • Tracks the results
  • Provides a detailed report
  • Plan the test scripting
  • Quality delivery
  • Reach out the standards of the end-user. 
  • Better Output Delivery. 
  • Basic Software testing framework of use cases, and Related Terminology
  • Design of various test cases and understand the techniques involved
  • Test for various applications and manage the risk involved
  • Identifying the skills required for preventing defects
  • Gain expertise in Manual Testing, Automation testing and selenium testing
  • Learn more about log defect identification
  • In-depth knowledge of automation tools like Selenium, and Life Cycle of Metrics
  • Training on Live Projects
  • Sessions by Experienced Trainers in the industry. 
  • Detailed Presentations,
  • Backup of the classes
  • Practical oriented 
  • Job assistance available
  • Weekly mock interviews/group discussions/interview related questions.
  • Cost-Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.
  • Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches are also available for Testing Tools Online Training.
  • Software developers
  • managers, 
  • Software analysts
  • QA engineers
  • Professionals from any field who want to gain expertise in Testing
  • Looking for shifting the career. 
  • Students / Freshers

if you have a basic idea On Computer is an added advantage Why KMR Software Services training Institute KMR Software Services provides our extremely professional accredited trainers best for both the classroom and online testing classes Testing tools are designed to help anyone who is interested in building their career to test side.  Here at KMR Software Services training, you can learn more about the methodologies for evaluation, testing grades, test forms and much more. KMR Software Services training institute in Hyderabad Testing Tools training program focuses on training on a collection of applications and tools for manual and automated testing. Testing is one of the main activities related to any life cycle process of software development. Quality assurance certification is a very important certification accepted in the software industry. This is supported by testing tools and software. System testing is a significant source of employment across the vertical software industry.

  • Selenium Introduction & Overview
  • Java Basics & Programming
  • Web Element Locators / Identify Web Elements in a Page
  • TestNG Data Provider
  • TestNG Parameters
  • Reports in Selenium
  • TestNG Annotations
  • Action Class
  • Robot Class
  • Selenium Web Driver Synchronization or Wait Commands
  • Katalan Recorder
  • Java Script Executor
  • Handling List box / Drop down
  • Handling Multiple Windows
  • Handling I frames
  • Managing Priority Order
  • Handling Alerts
  • Handling Web Tables
  • Apache POI
  • Parallel Test Executions
  • Handling Alerts
  • How to create Projects in Eclipse
  • Project Work

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