Essential Dos and Don’ts For Job Interviews by KMRSoft Interviews Do's & Dont's - KMRsoft


Prior research about the company and the operations will give you a detailed idea about the company. The research will; assist you to respond according to the perspective of the company is looking for.

Your physical attire fetches a lot in the interview panel.

Reaching the interview location prior by 10-15 is considered to be optimal for doing the certain formalities of the company.

Carry at least 2-3 copies of resume and important certificates as the interviewer that help the interviewer to review it better

Be courteous and respectful to the people you meet, this will considered for your recommendations and feedback.

Maintain a friendly expression on your face. Be cool it will make you feel comfortable.

Stay attentive to every question and understand the question clearly before answering. Give a thoughtful answer instantly.

Be very clear and straight to the questions being asked. It will give an impression of your comprehensible and focused mind

Pessimistic behaviour is what an interview will look for. Try to avoid as must as optimistic answers as you can to land in a job you are looking for.


Latecomers will always have a bad impression on their work culture and seriousness about the work they do

Staying conscious is important. Absent-mindedness will not fetch anything.   Avoid Slouchy walking style, relaxed sitting posture, inadequate eye contact, fumbling and being timid during an interview. This projects a  weak personality of your’s to the interviewer.

Expression of bad feelings about the past company or the past boss is considered to be unprofessional. Avoid negativity completely

Try to avoid being inquisitive about your salary package, bonus, vacations or other benefits extended by the company during the interview itself. Such discussions have to be questioned during the time of Offer proposal only.

Never lie to an interviewer. Answer all the questions with honesty, truthfulness and succinctly. Cross verification will happen if they feel your projection look unreal.

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