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How to make the Best Resume for a Job or Interview

"A substantial resume will help  you land on your dream job"

While applying for a job it is very important to have a detailed resume which will showcase all your talents and potentials.Things to keep in mind while making a Resume:

1) Clearly state of Vision:

Showcase your leadership qualities.  It is essential to clearly state a positive vision which can be beneficial for an organization.

2) Explain your Mastery:

A significant part of one’s resume must be explaining your skills, knowledge and work experience. A  synopsis of your skills will give a detailed overview of your strengths and areas you are excelled at.

3) Mark your Achievements:

Personal achievements in the resume will highlight the value and contribution to the organization’s growth.

4) Mention your Loyalty:

Emphasize your work stability, respect, genuineness and respect towards the organizations that will let you stay connected,

5) Celebrate your Rewards & Recognition:

Your resume should speak about the personal and professional awards and recognition achieved so far.

6) Site your Values:

Try to insert your qualities such as creativeness, innovation, team-work, open-mindedness, troubleshooting, enthusiasm, gratitude, optimism, social intelligence, self-motivation and leadership, capability, curiosity to learn etc.

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